The Fragmented World of Media…

The Fragmented World of Media…

In 2019, the world of media is changing at a faster rate than ever before…

As well as managing their offline reputation, but more importantly your ‘online’ reputation can make or break your business.

And we are now living in a review culture!

Overall, there is nothing new in this, as ‘Word of Mouth’ has always been the best form of marketing.

However, no one buys anything these days,  without consulting opinions of previous customer experience first.

In addition, with Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Third-party review sites such as or Trust Pilot and a whole plethora of places in which you can research a company before making a purchase, how do you keep on top of it all.

The Fragmented World of Media…

With the world of media becoming increasingly fragmented and with small businesses have limited resources, and a lack of knowledge in the area.

Therefore, it’s paramount you have a hand to hold you through the new world of digital media.

However, whether you decide to work with us or not, here are a few words of advice when dealing with any kind of marketing:


  • Everybody thinks they are a Marketeer – they’re not

  • Do your research on who your audience is

  • Get multiple quotes and check out the customers’ testimonials

  • Design your marketing materials for Customers, not your mates

  • Make your content interesting

  • Consider your IPR (intellectual property rights) on other people’s images

  • Ask a Consultant with a track record


Why Discuss media with MC2 marketing?

As well as being incredibly fun to work with, we wouldn’t be living our own mantra if we didn’t have a set of our own brand values to adhere to:xx

  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability
However, the first thing we do is to look at where we can save you money, then we look at how we can make you money…

That’s why the first hour’s consultation is FREE!


Got a question about any form of Marketing including Media, Creative, Content and Websites, give us a call today…

Essex Digital Award & Hertfordshire Digital Award…

Essex Digital Award & Hertfordshire Digital Award…

We all love awards and in our world, especially an Essex Digital Award…

Therefore, whether you are working in traditional media or in an online space, it’s always nice when you are recognised for your work!

Here at MC2 marketing, we like awards and we have been lucky enough to have been short-listed for three Essex and Hertfordshire Digital Awards and won three times.

In fact, we are very proud to have won THREE digital awards for website design in the last five years.

In addition, it’s nice to get positive feedback from clients – Visit our Testimonials page here…


The Social Golfer - Essex Digital Award - MC2 marketing, brentwood, essex

Essex Digital Award - 2015 v1MC2 marketing, Brentwood, Essex - The Social Golfer Website front pageEssex Digital Award 2015


Essex Digital Awards 2015 – Ian Mullins & Glenn Watts


Essex Digital Award - 2016 v1

MC2 marketing, Brentwood, Essex - Chauffeur Drive LondonMC2 marketing - Essex Digital Award 2015 v3

Essex Digital Award 2016


Essex Digital Awards 2016 – Ian Mullins & Ben Reynolds



MC2 marketing - Hertfordshirre Digital Award 2016 v3Hertfordshire Digital Award - 2016 v1MC2 marketing, Brentwood, Essex - Prosper - Effective Practice Managment

Hertfordshire Digital Award 2016 


Hertfordshire Digital Awards 2016 – James Brunton & Ryan Franklin-Smith



As a result, we look forward to entering more of these type of digital award(s) in the coming months and years.

Ian & The MC2 marketing Team