MC2 marketing - Client experience. Media, Marketing, Creative, Content, & Websites

We start by listening, then we work with you to develop a Media & Marketing brief…

Once we know where we ‘need to, get to’ we can then plan the route on how to get there.

How We Do It…

1 – TELL – We listen & give you a plan to follow

2 – TEACH – We listen & show you what to do

3 – DO – We listen & our experts do it for you


Depending on the objective, we can then identify which media services you will require including PR, Sponsorship, SEO, Social Media, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Outdoor, Radio or even TV.

As things continue to change in the marketing landscape, its important that you plan your targeted activity based on a budget and the lifetime value of your customers.


However, in the changing world of media, today’s brands must ensure all communications have…


1. Clarity – A concise knowledge of who you are and what you stand for

2. Contrast – A point of differentiation and understanding of where you fit in

3. Credibility – The things you do & say and the way you say them are believable

4. Consistency – A complete commitment to your brand across all Communication platforms